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Your Church in the World Committee continues to work through all three of our Churches and Communities to bring love to others and share our abundance. The sale of Fair Trade Products continues as the main focus. The profits are sent to Guatemala to support school tuitions at the New Hope Foundation School in Rabinal. The Pastoral Charge has been and continues to be involved the the following: supporting MacDonald Consolidated School Lunch Program, ongoing donations to the Westside Food Bank, monthly meals to Coverdale Centre in Saint John, support to Hestia House, Aides Saint John, the United Church Clothing Depot and the Romero House Van. The Romero Van feeds and provides some clothing, socks, blankets., etc., to those in need. The continuing donations of food, clothes, toiletry items, blankets, warm jackets is greatly needed and appreciated.


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Recently an Auction was held in support of our churches' Refugee Fund


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We support the United Church's Beads of Hope campaign